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Vitriolic Fallout Continues Against Marriage Supporters

November 13, 2009


Dear Yes on 1 Supporters,

Our victory on November 3rd to restore traditional marriage in Maine was as gratifying for us as it was devastating for our opponents and the media is still covering its fallout.

From the very start of our campaign, we focused on the consequences that have befallen other states where same-sex marriage is legal. In clear and concise terms, we presented the facts for all Mainers to consider before casting their ballot.

Our campaign was one based on truth; our opponents fueled their efforts with self-designed fiction, responding to us with vitriol, invective and intolerance of our position. It is precisely the response we expected during the campaign and exactly the relationship we hoped to avoid moving forward.

As we said on election night when we declared victory, there were fences that need mending as a result of what, for many, was a polarizing issue. We remain hopeful that we can reach such an accord, but it is disappointing to see that some supporters’ of homosexual marriage continue a drumbeat of bigotry and intolerance.

One need only look at the response to Wednesday’s Boston Globe column by Jeff Jacoby as Exhibit A of this intolerance and respect for a diversity of viewpoints on this issue.

Jacoby’s general message is that the time has come to put name-calling aside and learn to respect and tolerate the opinions of those who disagree on this issue. Click here to read the column: Jacoby writes,

“It may be emotionally satisfying to despise as moral cripples the majorities who oppose gay marriage…. Wouldn’t it make more sense to concede that thoughtful voters can have reasonable concerns about gay marriage…?”

There is nothing in this column that could be construed as hateful or bigoted, and certainly neither ignorant nor misinformed. Yet as of this writing, the piece has elicited nearly 600 responses from readers, an alarming number of them variations on the theme of “how dare you allow such a hateful, bigoted column to be printed.”

As you know, the mainstream media was not on our side of this issue, but 53 percent of Mainers voted to preserve marriage as between one man and one woman last week. Please thank this courageous journalist and his employer by writing a letter to the editor in praise of Mr. Jacoby’s thoughtful, decent approach to moving forward in a civilized manner, no matter our differences.


Marc Mutty, Chairman Bob Emrich, Co-Chairman Brian Brown, Co-Chairman

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