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How Does Losing Your Freedom of Speech Affect Your Family?

November 2, 2009


No on 1 Campaign’s Hypocrisy on Parade

Don Mendell, a public school counselor, is in the position of losing his job because he exercised his free speech in choosing to stand for traditional marriage in Maine. That was the story that came out Friday.

Now information is coming out on just WHO sent the complaint forcing him to defend his stance, his family and his job. It was another teacher! Another teacher whose husband ALSO took a stand— only his stance was AGAINST marriage. That teacher has suffered no repercussions whatsoever for his stance. The hypocrisy of this situation is exactly what those who support traditional marriage have been concerned about.

“All animals are equal but some animals are more equal than others.” –George Orwell 1945 Animal Farm

Why is there one set of rules for one side of the issue and another set of rules for the other? Isn’t this the very thing that the No campaign has tried to deny all along?

Everyone is equal. Everyone is free—-but not according to gay activists who hold one standard for those who agree with them and another for those who don’t.

They love to try to bring this down from a societal argument to a personal one. “How will their marriage affect yours?” Their point being that it won’t affect you so why should you care? We’ve all heard it. But that isn’t the real question. The Mendell situation illustrates this more poignantly than any other because it’s happening RIGHT NOW in Maine.

So Mainers: How does losing your freedoms affect YOUR family??

–Hattip: Beetle Blogger

See this from the Maine Campaign:


The latest example of how those in power in Maine schools will push homosexual marriage on students involves Don Mendell, a public school counselor who appeared in a Yes on Question 1 television ad. Mr. Mendell is a two-time recipient of the state Department of Education Commissioner’s Recognition Award and was nominated as Maine State Teacher of the Year. Despite a lifetime of service, a formal complaint was filed with the state seeking to have his license revoked. They say because Mr. Mendell spoke out in support of Question 1 he should not be allowed to counsel students anymore.
We learned just Friday that the person who filed the complaint against Mr. Mendell works for a school principal who happens to be the husband of the gay activist teacher who appeared in a No on Question 1 commercial!

If this sort of thing can happen before homosexual marriage is even legalized, can you imagine what will happen once they have the law on their side? The message is unmistakable: It’s fine to speak out if you support gay marriage, but if you speak out against it, they will punish you. It’s just the latest example that if Question 1 fails and homosexual marriage is legalized, those in power in Maine schools will push it on students just as they are trying to punish one of Maine’s best educators for supporting traditional marriage.

It is outrageous what is happening to Don Mendell. Voters need to hear about it, but we are out of money. We need to raise $25,000 right away so that we can buy more air time and inform voters about what is going on.

Will you please help us one more time?

Our polling shows the race to be very tight and there is evidence that undecided voters are starting to move our way. However, Question 1 could go either way depending on who actually votes. We’ve emptied our bank account to fund our get-out-the-vote campaign and pay for our advertising. If we can raise just $25,000 more in the next 48 hours, we can help make sure those remaining undecided voters hear about what is happening to this courageous school counselor who supports Question 1.

I know you have already sacrificed to help us, but please make a last-minute contribution right now so that we can make sure that every undecided voter knows about the latest consequence if Question 1 were to fail.

Thank you for everything you have done. Please don’t forget to vote Yes on Question 1 on Tuesday and call all your friends to do so as well. And if you have not signed up to be an Election Day volunteer, there is still time to do so! Please email to sign up!

Marc Mutty
Campaign Chairman

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