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WGME News: Homosexuality is Taught in Maine Schools Already, No on 1 Campaign Supports Gay Curriculum

October 22, 2009


Dear Question 1 Supporters,

One local television channel last night reported on an issue we have brought to your attention, but too many Mainers likely know nothing about. It focuses on one of the most damaging consequences of the failure of Question 1, namely that homosexual marriage will become part of the teachings in Maine public schools.

WGME-13 informed its viewers about the state-sanctioned Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Questioning Youth Commission’s recommendations to push the gay agenda to children in kindergarten through 12th grade, as well as introducing LGBT-focused books to infants through five-year-olds enrolled in Head Start programs.

Some of the recommendations by the LGBTQ Youth Commission include:

  • Identifying an “LGBTQ Youth Advocate” in every school building (Pre-K-12,),
  • Providing support for LGBT educators, school staff, volunteers and parents to be “out” in order to serve as role models for the youth they serve,
  • Creation of a Rainbow (the visual anthem of homosexuality) Star System, through which schools can attain Rainbow Stars by moving steadily from legal compliance to exemplary practice, and
  • Hiring a Gay Straight Alliance advocate in every secondary school, presumably at taxpayer expense

Yes on Question 1 campaign chairman, Marc Mutty, exposed the fact that – surprise, surprise – people on the LGBTQ Youth Commission are some of the very people behind the No on Question 1 campaign!Last night’s broadcast pulled the curtain back on the undeniable connection between the gay activists who want young children, including toddlers, to be exposed to homosexual relationships and understand them to be the social norm to those pushing for the next incremental step of teaching that “marriage” between two men is the same as marriage between a man and a woman and appropriate for teachers to instruct.

Follow this link to watch WGME’s report.

As we enter the final stages of the campaign to restore traditional marriage in Maine, your donation to keep our messages on the air are more critical than ever. We are battling hard, 24/7, and we are on a winning path. But we remain huge financial underdogs compared to the No on 1 campaign, who are raising millions from gay marriage activists in every corner of the nation.Every dollar we raise is being poured into our media and grassroots activities. Please consider a contribution today. It is urgently needed.


Bob Emrich

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  1. October 24, 2009 8:23 pm

    If schools were already supporting of gay students prior to gay marriage being legalized, then what would banning gay marriages change?

    • mlabot permalink*
      October 28, 2009 8:54 pm

      Matt, do you support teaching homosexuality to young children in schools? “We’re already doing it” doesn’t cut it. Do you support it or not? Legalizing SSM will only further embolden and normalize homosexuality, as the teacher in the clip so clearly stated.

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