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Genderless World

October 22, 2009


Genderless World

The Marriage Equality Act is being touted with the claim that it will not affect anyone else. This is simply not true. If homosexuals wished simply to live as they choose without affecting others, this law completely negates that possibility.

It creates a genderless recording of future relationships. No longer would the terms bride and groom or husband and wife be allowed on marriage licenses or certificates. Next, there could be no “mother” or “father” on birth certificates. The very real possibility of removing the gender of the children must also be considered.

This “no labels” mentality must be taken seriously, as it eventually makes its way into every fiber of our lives, including the removal of gender designations on public restroom doors or the nonadmittance of specific sexes into clubs and organizations.

Legal prosecutions, and then bankruptcy, of businesses that refused to provide their service in a situation that compromised their own values have occurred, meaning this law — which grants special rights to a few — results in astronomical loss of personal rights to those who are not gay (still the majority in Maine.)

Mainers need to seriously consider the consequences of this legislation for our state before voting it into law.

Lorraine Fecteau, Winslow

Bangor Daily News

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