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See the Proof—Same Sex Marriage Will Harm the Rights of Others

October 1, 2009


MAINE VOICES —There’s lots of proof same-sex marriage will harm the rights of others

Evidence from other states shows that religious institutions and families have suffered abuse.

SIDNEY — Traditional marriage is more substantial and profound than can be contained in our society’s current conceptions of “love” and “equality.”

The debate on same-sex marriage in Maine is being too narrowly focused on the facade of these two words, but they are nothing more than a charade.

Redefining marriage to include homosexual couples would be a profound and fundamental change to society with very troubling and far-reaching implications – since the consequences will occur on a multigenerational frame and will, over time, be irreversible.

Promoted by all successful societies, marriage brings men and women together – encouraging the procreation, nurturing and protection of children in the most beneficial way, thus ensuring the future of society.

Legalizing same-sex marriage in Maine would mean there is no logical, philosophical or legally rational basis for prohibiting people who want multiple wives, multiple husbands or any combination thereof from marrying – as long as they profess love for that person or persons.

Same-sex marriage is not and never has been an issue of civil rights. Homosexuals have the same constitutional rights and freedoms everyone in Maine enjoys regarding marriage.

Society has always regulated and limited who it allows to marry, and does so to promote the social goods this institution provides. Each citizen can enter into marriage if they 1) are not already married; 2) are an adult and marry an adult; 3) do not marry a close family member; and 4) marry someone of the opposite sex.

Any individual who meets these criteria can get married.

Same-sex marriage advocates distort these facts by falsely claiming that a right to marry rests with any couple, when in fact the right rests with the individual.

Social science shows conclusively that children do best when raised by their married biological mother and father. Further, the research data irrefutably documents the important and unique role, influences and contributions that a mother and a father each makes to the child’s development by virtue of their genders and their relationship to the child.

When it comes to anything that affects our children, Maine should only enact laws and polices that serve the child’s best interests, not the wants, desires and convenience of adults – especially when there is any possibility children could be harmed in the process.

Same-sex marriage uses the force of law to deny children either a mother or a father, ignores the preponderance of social science data, and declares by force of law and the moral authority of the state that men and women – mothers and fathers – are completely interchangeable.

In states and countries where same-sex marriage is legal, we are already seeing the threat it poses to religious liberties and personal right of conscience.

Catholic Charities of Boston, an adoption agency in Massachusetts, was forced to abandon placing children because it refused to place them with same-sex couples in violation of its religious tenets and the state refused to pass a religious exemption.

Legal experts on both sides of the same-sex marriage controversy agree that legalizing same-sex marriage is such a radical change to virtually all parts of society that increasing levels of conflict over religious freedom and personal right of conscience will be inevitable – particularly with para-religious entities, such as religious schools, social agencies and small businesses.

These religious liberty conflicts go far beyond whether a pastor would be forced to perform same-sex marriages in violation of his/her doctrine. Maine’s same-sex marriage bill does not even come close to adequately preventing these inevitable religious liberty conflicts.

Another significant area where legalizing same-sex marriage will impact society – in ways many do not understand

is public education and how it will affect parental rights to educate their children.

In Massachusetts, the courts have ruled that parents have no right to prevent the schools from teaching their children that homosexuality and same-sex marriage are completely normal and morally equivalent to heterosexuality and traditional marriage – even though this directly contradicts the values and beliefs these parents hold and want to instill in their own children.

Parents are legally prevented from opting out their children from any such instruction.

Since these and other grave concerns have not been adequately addressed regarding the same-sex marriage bill, the proponents of redefining marriage bear the responsibility of providing factual evidence that the changes they demand – for adult desires and conveniences – will not result in net harm to traditional marriage, children and society.

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  1. Rick DeLano permalink
    October 1, 2009 5:44 pm

    “Same-sex marriage uses the force of law to deny children either a mother or a father, ignores the preponderance of social science data, and declares by force of law and the moral authority of the state that men and women – mothers and fathers – are completely interchangeable.”


    That’s the whole ballgame in a nutshell right there.

    • mlabot permalink*
      October 1, 2009 5:55 pm

      This whole article was so dead on. Reading it I feel like screaming YES! Exactly! I hope that this message can get out far and wide. This is what the fight is about, and what is at stake.

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