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SFMM: Marriage Opponents Have Sunk to New Lows

September 26, 2009

Dear Yes on Question 1 supporters,

I hope by now you have seen our latest television ad. This new ad focuses directly on one of the most serious consequences of the prospective legalization of homosexual marriage in Maine – the impact on our schools and children. The ad recounts the experience of parents in Massachusetts. Specifically, the experience of Robb and Robin Wirthlin, whose then-second grade son was read the book “King and King” by his teacher in class about how a prince married another prince, and how they ruled the Kingdom happily ever after as King and King.

The experience in Massachusetts is a prelude to what will happen in a Maine if Question 1 fails and homosexual marriage is legalized in Maine. Make no mistake about it; if Question 1 fails, the experience in Massachusetts could be repeated here and gay marriage will end up being taught in Maine public schools.

Our opponents have spent considerable time reacting to the ad since we aired it, but in typical fashion they are not countering the validity of what happened in Massachusetts. Rather, as they have done previously, they are trying to divert attention from the truth by calling us liars, attacking our messengers, and saying we are distorting the truth.

We’ve come to expect them call us liars and attack us personally, but in their new ad, they sink to their lowest yet. They actually say the Yes on 1 campaign, which only seeks to preserve the traditional definition of marriage in Maine, is actually trying to “harm” children and “make them feel ashamed.”

But in the debate about how this impacts our schools, take note of the one thing – they had a chance to protect children and parents from having this issue forced on them in public schools and they wouldn’t do it. When the homosexual marriage law we are seeking to prevent from taking effect, LD 1020, was subject to a public hearing, the issue raised most in objection was the possibility of gay marriage being taught in the schools. The proponents of LD 1020 – the same groups and politicians who make up the No on Question 1 campaign — had a chance to prohibit the teaching of gay marriage in public schools, and they refused.


It is clear that the debate about Question 1 will center in large part about how homosexual marriage will impact our children and how they are taught in schools. For all their complaining, note again that our opponents will never answer these questions. They will just continue to call us liars, because they know that they cannot win on the merits of our position.

We need your financial support to keep our powerful ad on the air and keep our opponents on their heels. Please donate whatever you can today so that Mainers across the state can continue to hear the truth about Question 1.

We’re also asking for your help. As you hear friends and neighbors raise the issue in discussions, we want you to be able to help them know the truth about just how Question 1 and homosexual marriage has EVERYTHING to do with school:

* Marriage is often part of public school lessons and discussion, whether folded into curriculum about family life, health, sex education, tolerance, civil rights, or other instruction. If LD 1020 takes effect, homosexual marriage will become law and any discussion of marriage and its role in society will have to include the new definition of the institution. Marriage won’t be between a man and a woman. Marriage will be completely genderless.

* Massachusetts parents didn’t think homosexual marriage had anything to do with schools when it was first legalized. Yet when it began being taught to children in second grade, and parents objected, the schools refused to stop this instruction – forcing the parents to go to federal court. Gay marriage advocates argued in court that parents had no right to stop this instruction, had no right to advance notice when their children would be taught about gay marriage, and had no right to remove their kids from these classes.

* In this Massachusetts case, Parker v. Hurley, the United States First District Court of Appeals ruled in favor of the gay marriage advocates and the schools that wanted to teach about gay marriage. The Courts ruled that parents had no right to notice or to remove their children from these classes. And since Maine, like Massachusetts, is in the First District Court of Appeals, this ruling is precedential for Maine as well.

* The homosexual marriage advocates who make up the No on Question 1 campaign want voters to believe they would never push this instruction in local schools. Yet that is exactly what their colleagues did in Massachusetts. Additionally, homosexual advocates in Maine already have a well-defined advocacy infrastructure established in the schools. These include GLSEN (Gay, Lesbian, Straight Education Network) and GSA (Gay Straight Alliance).

* An official state-sanctioned commission reporting to the Governor has issued a “Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Questioning Youth Commission” report that if adopted would vastly strengthen and empower this pro-gay infrastructure. The report recommends, among other things:

o Including LGBT family-friendly books for young children in head start centers and other day care facilities, (zero to five year-olds),

o Identifying an “LGBTQ Youth Advocate” in every school building (Pre-K-12),

o Providing support for LGBT educators, school staff, volunteers and parents to be “out” in order to serve as role models for the youth they serve,

o Creation of a Rainbow (the visual anthem of homosexuality) Star System, through which schools can attain Rainbow Stars by moving steadily from legal compliance to exemplary practice, and,

o Hiring a Gay Straight Alliance advocate in every school, presumably at taxpayer expense

The issues we raise in our ads about homosexual marriage in the schools ARE real. They ARE happening in other states. And our opponents know it. LD 1020, is our opponent’s bill. They had a chance to protect children and parents and they refused. They had a chance to protect the rights of individuals, small businesses and religious groups and they refused. This is why their only reaction is to call us names and attack our messengers. We need your help today to ensure that every Maine voter sees our ad and that we continue to win the battle for traditional marriage.

Please help us spread the word.

Thanks for your support.

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3 Comments leave one →
  1. Richard permalink
    September 26, 2009 1:37 am

    They tried the same things in California last year. Even when teachers were taking kids to lesbian weddings, gay activists claimed there was no connection with the gay agenda and schools.

    Sorry. That pig don’t fly.

  2. Go Maine! permalink
    September 26, 2009 1:39 am

    Stand for Marriage Maine! The evidence is all around. Other states have tried it, look at Massachusets. It’s a disaster. We can’t allow that here.

  3. September 26, 2009 7:20 pm

    That’s a great roundup of the arguments and a clean rebuttal of the No group. Stand for Marriage Maine!

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